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Make Sweet & Meat Dishes with Juniper Berries Bought Online in UK

Do not get confused by considering juniper berries as berries. Actually, they are part of the cone develops on the plants and belong to the pine family. This is the main reason these berries have pine-like taste and have citrus-laden flavour. Owing to the fact, the juniper berries are used in a very limited quantity during cooking. So, if you want to get that rich flavour, Buy Juniper Berries Online UK from based store. These berries are versatile and easy to use in crushed or whole, fresh or dried version for getting the required flavour.

Different Uses of Juniper Berries

As per your dish, there are different ways to use Juniper Berries. For instance, if you want to flavour your sauce or marinade, the key is to crush the fresh berries before adding them. If you want more subtle flavour, you can even toast the berries slightly and carefully so that they do not burn. The best way to crush the berries is to put them in a zippered bag and smashes them with a hammer. Once they flattened, use a cutting board to chop them into fine pieces before adding into marinade. Other important thing to remember is to buy premium quality of berries online from the UK based store.

Items to Cook with Berries

Juniper berries go well with lamb, domestic pork, roast duck, or even with wild boar. If you add these berries to a pot of chilli, you will get a rustic flavour of smoked chile peppers. While using them with meat, rub the crushed berries into the meat and roast it little. Moreover, add garlic or a little ginger to the meat rub for getting savoury flavour. If you are looking for new sweet and savoury recipes to try, here are some exciting options:

• Juniper Lime Cake

• Juniper Dark Chocolate Panna Cotta

• Juniper and Smoke Marshmallows

• Juniper and Orange Pork Chops

For preparing these dishes, it is necessary to buy juniper berries online in the UK in advance to prepare the dishes as and when required. So, try aromatic and spicy flavour of the berries of the juniper tree and relish its taste.

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